The Lovers & The Orgasmic Experience of Being Alive

Living consciously means to embrace every day as a new adventure and to live life whole-heartedly with all its ups and downs and with everything it has to offer. Living consciously invites renewal at all times, sorting out and letting go off the things that don’t serve you. Only then can you be free to… Continue Reading

Every Journey is a Spiritual Journey

Reminiscing. 16 more days until my next big trip. For me every journey is a spiritual journey. A pilgrimage where I uncover new parts of who I really am, a journey where the inner experience is more important than the ‘outside’ journey. There is one thing I know for sure: When I come back I… Continue Reading

Inner Peace at High Speed

Enjoyed a gorgeous day of zooming along my favorite country roads on the super machine, including a stop for a peaceful meditation at Cross Creek Lake near Avella, Pennsylvania. But then of course, for me, riding a motorcycle is also a form of meditation, as it requires utmost attention and focus on the here and… Continue Reading

My Mom’s Secret to Good Health

I love my mom. The most important lesson she taught me is to always be grateful and to never take anything for granted. She loves travel and certainly infused me with the travel bug. She inspires me every day. At nearly 80 my mom is super fit and healthy and I am happy to share… Continue Reading

Timelessness in the Labyrinth – Moments of Beauty in Israel

A life not reflected upon is a life not lived.   A labyrinth is a fantastic tool for reflection, introspection and a life-review, allowing you to consciously contemplate the next steps on your journey. In Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes – A Spiritual Adventure Into Life’s Labyrinth I share my spiritual evolution. The true purpose of… Continue Reading

What is your definition of Happiness?

Do you cultivate happiness every day? Do you mark time in your schedule for the things and activities that make you happy? My goal is to find time in my schedule everyday for the things that I enjoy the most. One of those activities is of course motorcycle riding. Continue Reading

What do you read?

Wishing everyone a beautiful and happy day. I can’t imagine a better start to a new day than sitting outdoors in the sunshine with a nice cup of coffee and reading a good book. What do you read? My preferences are always true stories and travel adventures. The two books that inspired me profoundly, when… Continue Reading


Finally: My first motorcycle ride of 2015, took place on March 31st after 140 long days of winter. For me motorcycle riding and meditation are very closely connected. It’s an absolute requirement to be totally present in the moment. I am happiest when I ride the super machine, the Suzuki Bandit 1250.   Today, April… Continue Reading

Life is Movement

My mom always sends the best cards. “Life: that’s movement. Movement is evolution. Evolution is progress. Progress means to come closer to your goal.”     During my 2006 solo cross-country motorcycle road trip I kept one of my mom’s cards in my tank bag during the entire trip. Please enjoy the excerpt from Girls… Continue Reading

What will you risk to truly know who you are?

Some of my favorite words just cannot be translated into other languages. Aufbruchstimmung, which contains the essence of everything I love about life, translates on Google Translate to ‘optimism.’ Seriously, that doesn’t even come close to anything Aufbruchstimmung could possibly mean. Even in Hebrew it translates to אופטימיות. That is far, far away from its true meaning.… Continue Reading