Mindful Painting at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art

Mindful Art

Mindful Painting I had the great joy to teach a Mindful Painting class to a very talented group of students at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art. In the Mindful Painting class you learn to unleash your creative genius with a relaxing chakra color meditation. The chakra color guided meditation is accompanied by a ‘sound […]

Dorit’s Art at Oglebay

I am honored that my painting Flight, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 inches, was selected for the Crosscurrents art exhibition at Oglebay Institute’s Stifel Fine Art Center in Wheeling, West Virginia. It’s the third year that I have one or two paintings in this show.   Please enjoy the video and the inspiring artworks. […]

Dorit’s Art at the Hoyt

Artist Art Dorit Brauer

I am very honored that my paintings ‘Storm Temple’ and ‘Dance of the Green Rose’ are exhibited at the Hoyt Art Center in New Castle, Pennsylvania. More than 550 works were entered by 173 artists.  Of those, sixty-two works were chosen. And I have two works in the show! Exciting! Please view this short video […]

The Day I Painted Abstract

Abstract Art

The day I painted abstract is described in chapter 20 of my award-winning autobiography. A breakthrough in my energy medicine studies brought a drastic shift in consciousness and from that moment on the brush strokes magically flew over the canvas creating abstract art. This enchanted state of consciousness has stayed with me til this day […]

Dorit’s Art at the Krasl Art Center

Art Artist Dorit Brauer

I am very honored that my painting ‘Into the Vortex’ is exhibited at the Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph, Michigan. Watch this video and view the excellent art that is featured in the ‘Inspired By….’ Art Exhibition. Learn more about the Krasl Art Center, which features art by Chihuly and Richard Hunt. I love […]

Flight, Soul Journeys & Rising Higher

Dorit Brauer Art

Please enjoy witnessing the evolution of the paintings Flight, Soul Journeys and Rising Higher from the Cosmic Resurgence Series. All my paintings start with a first vibrant layer of abundant colors. Later, as I layer the oil paint, the vibrant colors shine through representing the richness beneath the surface. The spontaneous rhythm of the first […]

Discover The Hero Within

The Tree of Life meditations activate your inner power and you discover the hero within. The painting behind me is titled Gevurah. Gevurah is the fifth Sephirah in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Gevurah invites you to cut everything that does not serve you, to embrace your inner strength and become One with the hero […]

In Search of Beauty!


Beauty Beauty Everywhere, As Far As My Eyes Can See! Study of the female body. 1991. 23.5 x 32 inches. Oil on canvas. Sold. Take a closer look at the oil painting above! You will see seashells and beach sand from the Mediterranean, as well as twigs and leaves from a nature walk in Jerusalem […]

Caribbean Spirit in Pittsburgh

Artist Dorit Brauer Art

Congratulations to Kim and Mark Fern for purchasing Lyrical. The 36 x 36 oil painting is part of the Cosmic Resurgence Series, which inspires imagination and restores inner balance and tranquility for the viewer. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, reconnecting us to the most innate feeling of belonging. Blue calms, […]

I live intensely, consequently I paint intensely!

Artist Dorit Brauer Art

Precious find from November 1997, a newspaper article about one of my solo art shows in Germany featuring colorful abstract oil paintings, titled ‘Who knows death so close lives more intensely.’ Please view the gallery of my early works. This article describes the artistic retrospective of my years in Israel. I lived in The Aviv […]

Dorit’s Fun Art Project

Artist Dorit Brauer Art

My Most Fun Art Project: Barb’s Barn Mural. Barb and I met in 2012 when I designed a 7-circuit Labyrinth on her land. Quickly we became good friends, since we share many common interests, including motorcycle riding, labyrinth walking, art and travel. In 2019 Barb and her husband built a new small barn and commissioned […]

Dorit’s Artist Spotlight in Whirl Magazine

Art Artist

Meet a local artist whose roots influence the subject matter, materials and process for her greatest works. I had the great pleasure to be featured for the artist spotlight in the January/February 2019 edition of Whirl Magazine curated by: Christine McMahon Tumpson. Featured painting: Tribal Dance, oil on canvas, 60 x 48 inches. Artist Statement: […]

Dorit’s Art Wins Award of Excellence

Artist Art Dorit Brauer

The Healing Power of Color Zauberstab – Magic Wand received the Award of Excellence in the Healing Power of Color Art Exhibition by Manhattan Arts International, curated by Renee Phillips. The Healing Power of Color exhibition showcases extraordinary art by artists from around the world who use color to enhance healing and a sense of well-being […]

Wild & Wild Longings


The Evolution of two paintings! For me, to live fully means to create. I paint, write and constantly develop new content for the guided imagery courses I teach. I love being on the edge of the next step of inner evolution and my art reveals my inner worlds. The Cosmic Resurgence series emerged out of deep […]

A Lifetime of Enjoyment

Artist Art Dorit Brauer

Congratulations to Erin Orga for purchasing a lifetime of enjoyment. Her painting is oil on canvas, 40 x 40 inches and titled Secret Destination, inspired by the Martin Buber quote: All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware. Erin and I met at a meditation workshop that I taught. Following the […]

Dorit’s Labyrinth at the Carnegie Museum of Art

Carnegie Museum

The Art of Living Well! On August 18. 2019 I had the great pleasure to create a labyrinth at the Carnegie Museum of Art in the Hall of Architecture. Get inspired, check out the video: Dorit’s Labyrinth at the Carnegie Museum of Art.  The materials used for this installation were footsies that I cut out […]

Hidden Messages – Licht Light אור

Hidden Messages in German, English and Hebrew Can you find the Hebrew word for light אור hidden in this painting? The painting emerged out of the move to a new continent, embracing a different life and trusting the unknown, when I came to Pittsburgh in 1998. The creation process of this abstract oil on canvas painting […]

Tohuwabohu & Burnt Books, Dorit’s Interview, Israel, 1995

newspaper article

From Düsseldorf to Hod Hasharon Published in Zomet Hasharon June 16. 1995 Dorit Brauer, a German who has lived in Israel for 6 years, exhibits in Zwaim Be Kaffee. It is a bit hard to understand, but for one of her paintings she burned books. Burned books, destroyed yellow Stars of David and the word […]

Dorit Reads Her Poems The Burning & Allenby Street

Dorit Brauer's Poetry Reading

The poems Allenby Street and The Burning are inspired by my years in Israel and were be published in Voices from the Attic Volume XV by Carlow University.  We held the book launch party and the reading at WYEP in Pittsburgh. You are invited to listen to the reading.    The Burning                                                                           Books silently waited in darkness. Books of […]