A Lifetime of Enjoyment

Dorit Brauer Art

Congratulations to Erin Orga for purchasing a lifetime of enjoyment. Her painting is oil on canvas, 40 x 40 inches and titled Secret Destination, inspired by the Martin Buber quote: All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware. Erin and I met at a meditation workshop that I taught. Following the […]

Dorit’s Labyrinth at the Carnegie Museum of Art

Carnegie Museum

The Art of Living Well! On August 18. 2019 I had the great pleasure to create a labyrinth at the Carnegie Museum of Art in the Hall of Architecture. Get inspired, check out the video: Dorit’s Labyrinth at the Carnegie Museum of Art.  The materials used for this installation were footsies that I cut out […]

Hidden Messages – Licht Light אור

Hidden Messages in German, English and Hebrew Can you find the Hebrew word for light אור hidden in this painting? The painting emerged out of the move to a new continent, embracing a different life and trusting the unknown, when I came to Pittsburgh in 1998. The creation process of this abstract oil on canvas painting […]

Tohuwabohu & Burnt Books, Dorit’s Interview, Israel, 1995

newspaper article

From Düsseldorf to Hod Hasharon Published in Zomet Hasharon June 16. 1995 Dorit Brauer, a German who has lived in Israel for 6 years, exhibits in Zwaim Be Kaffee. It is a bit hard to understand, but for one of her paintings she burned books. Burned books, destroyed yellow Stars of David and the word […]

Dorit Reads Her Poems The Burning & Allenby Street

Dorit Brauer's Poetry Reading

The poems Allenby Street and The Burning are inspired by my years in Israel and were be published in Voices from the Attic Volume XV by Carlow University.  We held the book launch party and the reading at WYEP in Pittsburgh. You are invited to listen to the reading.    The Burning                                                                           Books silently waited in darkness. Books of […]