Cosmic Resurgence Series

The 2020 Cosmic Resurgence Series emerged out of deep introspection, solitude and reflection during the time of a global pandemic. Without the goal-oriented pushing forward in our busy world, I allowed for flow time, journeyed within and rediscovered threads of imagination, exciting stories that were not concluded, and unfinished works of art.

A routine of daily meditations, journaling and painting reconnected parts of myself, like the puzzle pieces of my life and merged them into one whole and evolved state of being, which is made visible in this new series. 

Please view the video of Into the Vortex at the Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph, Michigan. 

View Storm Temple and Dance of the Green Rose at the Hoyt Art Center in New Castle, Pennsylvania. 

Watch Flight at the Oglebay’s Stifel Fine Arts Center in Wheeling, West Virginia. 

Learn about the Evolution of Storm Temple.

My Inspiration. My Motivation. My Words.

To understand my story is to understand my art.

Other Series

Soulgarden, Abstract Art oil on canvas By Artist Dorit Brauer

Blossom into Being

Current Works

The viewer is invited to look deeply and dive into the world of their inner self, to see each color individually; to let it represent a memory, a thought, a place, an emotion, a melody, a lover, while embracing the colorful tapestry of life and allowing the puzzle pieces of each experience to mend together into wholeness.  

Tribal Dance, Abstract Art oil painting by contemporary Artist Dorit Brauer

Unwinding Series

2018 - 2019

The works of the Unwinding Series represent the bridge between my passion for the healing arts and my creative visual artistic expression.

Oz, modern art oil on canvas by contemporary artist Dorit Brauer

Early Works

1989 - 1997

My early works were created during the years in Tel Aviv, Israel.
A move to America brought a different perspective and years of creating sacred art for meditation spaces .

In Situ

Visualize Dorit’s oil paintings in your home, meditation space or workplace.    

Bring beauty, peace and tranquility into your environment.     

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