Artist Residency at Nemacolin Resort

Dorit Brauer at Nemacolin Resort during her artist residency

Dorit Brauer’s Artist Residency at Nemacolin Resort allowed her to express her talents and everything she loves to live:

Enjoy Her Video Diary

Blossom Into Being Exhibition at Nemacolin Resort

Join me for a walk through my featured exhibition at the Laurel Lane Gallery at Nemacolin.

Please enjoy my new paintings of  the Blossom Into Being series. 

The Key to Successful Living

Having a morning routine is one of the best ways to start your day off right.

I want to share my morning routine with all of you, as well as take you on a tour of the beautiful Nemacolin grounds.

How you live your day is how you live your life!

Artist Studio Visit at Nemacolin

Join me on a tour of the Artist Studio at Nemacolin. 

Check out the video to learn a little secret I use to maintain balance and harmony in all of my paintings. 


Experience the Labyrinth at Nemacolin

Join Claire and I for a walk through the Labyrinth at Nemacolin. 

The Labyrinth is a one way path that leads you to the center. Walking the labyrinth is a wonderful way to practice walking meditation and promote relaxation. 

Meet the Nemacolin Artists in Residence

Join me as I get settled in my new art studio at Nemacolin and meet some of the other resident artists!

Creating the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Labyrinth

I love it when visions become reality!

Join me as I create a Labyrinth in this beautiful, sacred space. 

Artist Residency Articles

The Nemacolin Labyrinth

Labyrinths are ancient tools for transformation and healing. Labyrinths invite us to connect to our higher selves, build inner vision and peace.

I had the great joy to create the labyrinth at the Nemacolin Resort Meditation Garden for my Artist Residency in September 2022.


Artists in Residence

Inspired By Nature

Nourishing our Artist Souls at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Ohiopyle State Park

I had the great pleasure to enjoy a wonderful time exploring Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Ohiopyle State Park together with my artist friend Claire Hardy. Claire is an Alumni Artist at Nemacolin and her beautiful Rose Paintings were featured on the Bachelor. 


Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Breathing Space

Breathing Space for Good Health, Healing and Preventative Medicine

In Holistic Medicine Breathing Space is a necessity for good health, healing and prevention. Breathing Space allows you to detach from the demands of a busy life, to re-boot and to replenish, while gaining a new perspective.


Dorit Brauer Sound Bath Meditation Art of Living

Read Dorit's Feature in the Nemacolin Times

From an idea to a masterpiece, the Artist in Residence Program at Nemacolin offers an opportunity for artists to live at the resort and share their works in gallery and retail spaces, in workshops and classes, and within the landscape of all Nemacolin offers. Resort guests, members, and associates are invited to engage with Nemacolin artists, observing their techniques and creative processes through a unique experience.

Dorit Brauer, a Pittsburgh-based abstract artist, is a part of the September program. Her work has been exhibited in Israel, Germany, and the U.S. Brauer considers the creation of art a sacred ritual: She meditates and reaches a higher state of consciousness prior to the artistic expression on a canvas. Her bold and colorful oil paintings are her love letter to life.


Nemacolin Luxury Resort

The Key to Successful Living

The Importance of Setting a Positive Intention for the Day!

Create happiness, fulfillment, joy, beauty and abundance with an easy to practice morning routine.


Nemacolin Artist Residency

Art and The Healing Arts

Dorit reflects on her Artist Residency at Nemacolin Resort. It was a month long exploration of her art, nature, labyrinths and inner self.


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