The Unwinding Series

The Unwinding Series marks the re-launch of my art career in the U.S. after focusing for many years on a successful career in holistic medicine and creating sacred art for meditation spaces.

These paintings first came to me in a dream in which my deceased father visited and guided me to a studio rich with abundant colors and art materials and dozens of large-scale blank canvases.

In awe, I knew this dream marked a significant turning point in my life. 

Immediately, I ordered art supplies and began painting the visions of abstract art I had seen. For me, these paintings symbolize a bridge between my passion for the healing arts and my creative visual artistic expression.

The dynamic flow of energy embraces colorful all-inclusiveness. To love life means to love all colors, to embrace life and to live everything fully. 

My Inspiration. My Motivation. My Words.

To understand my story is to understand my art.

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