The Unwinding Series

The Unwinding Series marks the re-launch of my art career in the U.S. after focusing for many years on a successful career in holistic medicine and creating sacred art for meditation spaces.

The new paintings from the Unwinding Series first came to me in a dream in which my father visited and guided me to a studio rich with abundant colors and art materials and dozens of large-scale blank canvases.

The vibrant colors and dynamic energy I saw felt vivid and real, revealing the preview of the next chapter in my life. In awe, I knew this dream marked a significant turning point. 

Immediately, I ordered art supplies and began painting the visions of abstract art I had seen. For me, the paintings from the Unwinding series symbolize a bridge between my passion for the healing arts and my creative visual artistic expression. 

The vivacious flow of energy embraces colorful all-inclusiveness. To love life means to love all colors, to embrace life and to live everything fully. 

Please watch the video of the Unwinding Art Exhibition at the Artsmith of Pittsburgh and learn more. 

Unwinding is an important term in Holistic Medicine and translates to the releasing of stored-up and blocked energy within our bodies and our emotions allowing us to free ourselves from the past and embrace our new and evolved selves. 

I had the great privilege to teach healing classes, where students traced the lines of my paintings, while clearing the negative energies in their physical bodies and eventually flowing freely into a harmonious, balanced dance. Throughout these healing and movement classes I played the quartz crystal singing bowls, a tool for sound healing, which balances our brain and induces relaxed states of mind. Please view a sample of a Soundbath Meditation, the World Healing Meditation, which I recorded for you. 

My Inspiration. My Motivation. My Words.

To understand my story is to understand my art.

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