Early Works

My early works were created during the years in Tel Aviv, Israel, from 1989 till 1997. 

The oil paintings reflect my studies in human anatomy and human relationships leading towards the abstraction of being a German non-Jewish person in a country that was founded after the Holocaust. The Burning is one example. You are invited to read the poems and check out the video that was filmed at WYEP. 

Works like Tohuwabohu show the reality of living with terrorism and bus-bombings, revealing red blood on black asphalt and white Hebrew letters.

The 1997 triptych Dance of Life communicates the wisdom that all joy of the present moment is built upon the history and consciousness of what came before us.

My Inspiration. My Motivation. My Words.

To understand my story is to understand my art.

Other Series

Soulgarden, Abstract Art oil on canvas By Artist Dorit Brauer

Blossom into Being

Current Work

The viewer is invited to look deeply and dive into the world of their inner self, to see each color individually; to let it represent a memory, a thought, a place, an emotion, a melody, a lover, while embracing the colorful tapestry of life and allowing the puzzle pieces of each experience to mend together into wholeness.  

Storm Temple, abstract art oil on canvas by Artist Dorit Brauer

Cosmic Resurgence

Current Works - 2020

The newest Cosmic Resurgence paintings reveal the journey within and aim to bring inner peace and tranquility to the viewer.

Tribal Dance, Abstract Art oil painting by contemporary Artist Dorit Brauer

Unwinding Series

2018 - 2019

The works of the Unwinding Series represent the bridge between my passion for the healing arts and my creative visual artistic expression.

In Situ

Visualize Dorit’s oil paintings in your home, meditation space or workplace.    

Bring beauty, peace and tranquility into your environment.     

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