What is your happiest childhood memory?

Positive Energies From The Past Create A Happy Life

A productive day of writing on the follow-up inspirational workbook for ‘Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes – A Spiritual Adventure Into Life’s Labyrinth.’ My head is filled with sweet memories of the “Wild Chestnut Trees” that surrounded our farm. When I was little I had reoccurring dreams of flying high above the crowns of these majestic trees. The sensation always stayed with me for the next day or two, a sense of lightness, freedom and joy. Recalling these memories shifts my energy and I am happier. Now most of the trees are gone. My dad and my brother cut them, due to disease, and they found shrapnel from World War II embedded deeply in the trunks. A reminder of the burden of history our land carries.

Even if the trees are gone, the memories will always enrich my everyday reality.

What is your happiest childhood memory? Make a list, add to it every day. Whatever you focus upon you receive more of. Dive into your inner self and you will be surprised about the memories and revelations.

Then at times when you feel stressed, need a break and positive energy you can sit down in a comfortable place and focus on this list of happy memories. Truly allow the vibrations of happiness and joy to arise from within you.


The Brauer family farm in Germany’s Lower Rhine Valley, surrounded by majestic wild chestnut trees.


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