A Flexible Person Cannot Be Bent Out Of Shape

Please enjoy this book excerpt from Chapter 29, as I share my reflections following an encounter with German tourists in Sedona, Arizona. The purpose of Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes – A Spiritual Adventure Into Life’s Labyrinth is to invite you to embark on your own spiritual adventure. Only when we shine the light into the shadow does the shadow turn into light. This is the key for all spiritual explorations. All change begins within us.

“So here I was in this heavenly place and not at peace at all. The Germans reflected something deep within me that I didn’t want to look at. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have bothered me. A flexible person cannot be bent out of shape. I clearly wasn’t as flexible as I wished to be.


I took a deep breath and moved into the sacred circle. The first steps brought a new state of consciousness. My mind went blank, as if someone had turned a switch and instantly all previous thoughts evaporated. A burden lifted. ‘This is good,’ I thought and turned deeper into the labyrinth. It felt as if I were floating in an ocean of light. Then I reached the center, sat down on a rock and closed my eyes. I asked what I needed to learn from this experience.

An image appeared inside my head. I saw a black box filled with darkness. Infinite, benevolent light engulfed the box. The box was the only black spot in a light-filled universe. Inside this box, millions of people were trapped, tapping in the dark. They felt separated from one another and suffered enormous pain, completely unaware that the light was all around.

I realized that the labyrinth invited me to step out of judgment and into unity. At the core, I was one with all humanity and all of creation. I needed to seek what connected us and not what separated us. Essentially we all wanted the same: to be loved, to feel love and to live in peace. So what if people only went on one trip of a lifetime? Wasn’t life a continuous journey of growth and learning wherever we were? Did it matter if we traveled or stayed at home? And so what if I was German, Catholic, and maybe Jewish? Or if my skin color was white, black, yellow or red? All of these were just identifications. None of it mattered.

I recalled my teacher Gilad’s words when I first learned to meditate. He had explained that by shining light into darkness, the darkness turns into light. He had also said that the light is all around, but to find it, we need to look inside our hearts. We can go through life and search in all the wrong places. But one day we’ll look within and we’ll find the entire universe.

Gratefully, I acknowledged that this labyrinth experience mended my separated way of thinking back to wholeness and reminded me of who I really am.”


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