A Lifetime of Enjoyment

Congratulations to Erin Orga for purchasing a lifetime of enjoyment. Her painting is oil on canvas, 40 x 40 inches and titled Secret Destination, inspired by the Martin Buber quote: All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware.

Erin and I met at a meditation workshop that I taught. Following the guided imagery inner journey I asked students about their experience and to recall their happiest memories. Erin smiled and shared a memory of flying her F-15 at 35.000 feet above Iraq, patrolling the territory, while serving in the Air Force.

Suddenly she saw a bright light shooting towards her from Iran. For a split second she thought of being attacked by an enemy missile. She felt terrified, but quickly realized that the light was in fact a meteor that passed her cockpit only 5000 feet above.

It was then that her terror turned into joy, excitement and awe. An unforgettable moment of having witnessed something so unique so close! She described the clear night sky, the stars and the moon, and the stillness and peace high above the earth.

Erin is certainly one of the most impressive and empowered women I know.

Secret Destination, oil on canvas 40 x 40 inches, Artist Dorit Brauer
Secret Destination, oil on canvas 40 x 40 inches


Secret Destination is a painting from the Awaken Color Series. Please enjoy my artist statement:

My art is inspired by my meditative journeys. I explore how colors and inner states of happiness are connected to uplift and heal us.

I use brilliant colors to celebrate life and to bring light and playfulness to the viewer.

Sunlight sent through a prism divides into seven spectral colors. I emphasize these colors for positive healing and joy.

Conscious living means to include everything and to love all colors.


Secret Destination evolved over the course of 12 months and is painted in 13 different layers of carefully applied oil color. Please check out the evolution:

Dorit Brauer Art
Work in Progress, first layers of oil paint
Dorit Brauer Art
Secret Destination, Work in Progress
Dorit Brauer Art
Detail, Work in Progress
Dorit Brauer Art
Secret Destination and it’s studio buddies!
Dorit Brauer Art
Work in Progress
Dorit Brauer Art
Approaching Completion!


I am happy that Erin enjoys bringing into her home the positive energy of a year’s worth of good vibes, meditation, happiness, dancing and being in the flow that is involved in creating my art.

Dorit Brauer Art
Erin and Secret Destination

Please enjoy the following videos, which illuminate my painting process:

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