Dorit’s Labyrinth at the Carnegie Museum of Art

The Art of Living Well!

On August 18. 2019 I had the great pleasure to create a labyrinth at the Carnegie Museum of Art in the Hall of Architecture. Get inspired, check out the video:

Dorit’s Labyrinth at the Carnegie Museum of Art. 

The materials used for this installation were footsies that I cut out of colorful foam sheets over the course of several weeks. I created footsteps for men, women and children. The focus of the Carnegie Museum labyrinth experience is compassion and to not judge another person, unless you walked a mile in their shoes.

Labyrinths present a one way path, that leads you to the center. Simply put one foot in front of the other and you cannot get lost.

Trust the journey!

Labyrinths are thousands of years old, dating back to Ancient Greece in 350 B.C.  This walking meditation invites you to transcend polarity, a place of judgment and friction where opposites create one another, into a place of unity, a place where everything is and has a right to exist. Unity is an evolved state of consciousness, beyond struggle, stress and judgment. A place of ease, acceptance and open-mindedness. Labyrinths are spiritual transformation power tools and invite you to evolve, one step at the time, at your own pace.

Children and Labyrinths!

I enjoy creating a lot of labyrinths for public events and every time it is the same experience with children: they play in the labyrinth, run, giggle and laugh. Pure joy! Something we adults must learn.

These little girls totally loved the labyrinth that I created at the Carnegie Museum of Art. Their laughter echoed in the Hall of Architecture. It was so much fun to witness their exuberant energy!!!

Carnegie Museum

Carnegie Museum labyrinth installation from Dorit Brauer

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