Dorit’s Fun Art Project

My Most Fun Art Project: Barb’s Barn Mural.

Barb and I met in 2012 when I designed a 7-circuit Labyrinth on her land.

Quickly we became good friends, since we share many common interests, including motorcycle riding, labyrinth walking, art and travel.

In 2019 Barb and her husband built a new small barn and commissioned a mural, which is visible from afar.

Artist Dorit Brauer Art
Happy with Colors. The completed Mural.

This mural is a reminder to always be: Farbenfroh!!! Farbenfroh is a German word I love, which doesn’t have a direct translation to English. It means: Happy with Colors. Certainly my favorite state of being! And the mural inspires happiness with colors, too.

Artist Dorit Brauer Art
Happy with Colors.


Artist Dorit Brauer Art
Happy with Colors.

Barb is one of the most empowered women I know. At nearly 70, she loves riding her Triumph Bonneville and together we enjoy excursions in Western Pennsylvania riding our motorcycles and walking labyrinths.

Artist Dorit Brauer Art
After a nice day of motorcycle riding and labyrinth walking it is always great to stop at the Harmony Inn in Harmony, PA.

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