In Search of Beauty!

Beauty Beauty Everywhere, As Far As My Eyes Can See!

Study of the female body. 1991. 23.5 x 32 inches. Oil on canvas. Sold.

Nude, oil on canvas 23.5” x 32” sold

Take a closer look at the oil painting above! You will see seashells and beach sand from the Mediterranean, as well as twigs and leaves from a nature walk in Jerusalem glued onto the canvas. In this phase of my art (1989 – 1997) I loved working with textures. Everywhere I went I collected nature items. Being constantly in search of beauty taught me an amazing way to go through life.

You walk through the world differently when you are always in search of beauty and focus on how to incorporate what you see in your creative process.

Unleash your Creativity Exercise:

Try it out: Collect three random or found items today. Assemble them as an art piece. Arrange and rearrange. Notice how it changes your perception when you begin to really see. Please share your findings and insights in the comments. Wishing everyone the most beautiful and inspired day. Stay creative! Stay positive!

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